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Keirven Family Tree

The Keirven surname, in the spelling that began with Patrick when he arrived from Ireland, is fairly unique and easy to track.

The following figure shows all of the descendants of Patrick KEIRVEN and Margaret TOBIN I have been able to find. It shows all members aligned vertically by date (with marriage dates also shown).

Click on the image to see a larger version (it’s 1800pixels wide, so probably won’t fit completely on most computer screens).

Family Tree of Northumberland Keirven's

There were three marriages that led to the ten children associated with James Keirven:

  1. James KEIRVEN and Isabella SNOWDON in 1904, resulting in Johanna KEIRVEN (b. 1905), Elizabeth (b. 1907), and George (b. 1910). This is shown as (1) in the figure.
  2. Margaret DUDDING and Thomas CONNON in 1911, resulting in William (b. 1911), George (b. 1912), and Charles A Connon (b. 1914). This is shown as (2a) in the figure. William and Charles A became Keirven’s when James married Margaret.
  3. James KEIRVEN and Margaret CONNON (nee Dudding) in 1918, resulting in Nora (b. 1917), James (b. 1922), John L (b. 1924) and Robert F (b. 1931). This is shown as (2b) in the figure.

There is still some leads to investigate (indicated by the question marks).

Updates/Notes (diagram still to be updated):

  • Johanna KEIRVEN (b. 1871) may have died in Q1 1893 (based on another family tree in Ancestry and FreeBDM entry for Johanna Barnes that matches).

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