Tracing the Edwards-Doughty family from Ireland, Scotland and England to Australia

Kirby Family

This page summarises the Kirby Family and their migration to Australia down to Ralph Valentine EDWARDS (KIRBY). The following figure shows the ancestors of Ralph Valentine EDWARDS and how the Kirby family fits in.

Ancestors of Ralph Valentine EDWARDS

Ancestors of Ralph Valentine EDWARDS

Henry Edward KIRBY (father of Ralph Valentine Edwards) was born in Jan 1870 in Clifton, Gloucestershire, England. Clifton is an inner suburb of Bristol. His parents were George KIRBY and Matilda May EDWARDS (this is where the Edwards surname may have come from when Valentine Henry KIRBY changed his name to Ralph Valentine EDWARDS).

George KIRBY was one of seven children of John KIRBY and Grace HEAVEN. George and many of his siblings were born and lived in a little town of Wickwar, Gloucestershire, north-west of Bristol. He married Matilda May Edwards in the Independent Chapel in Frampton Cottrell (now the Zion United Church), which is south of Wickwar and west of Hinton (where they were both living prior to the wedding). After marriage to Matilda, they moved to Bristol and lived in various places over the years. The Kirby’s and Heaven’s had been natives of that area for a number of generations dating back into the 17th century.

Matilda May EDWARDS was one of seven children of William EDWARDS and Ann ANSTEY. She and many of her siblings were born and lived around Hinton, Dryham & Hinton in Gloucestershire. This area is about 10 miles west of Bristol and 5 miles south of Wickwar (location of the Kirby’s and Heaven’s). These areas come under the district Chipping Sodbury. There’s not a lot of info on the Edwards family earlier than the late 18th century. This is because records aren’t as accurate and there are many Edwards’.

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Henry Edward KIRBY spent his childhood years living in Bristol;

  • at age 1 (1871) he was living at 5 Upper Richmond Tce, Bristol,with his father George (31), mother Matilda (30), and siblings Ruth (8), William (6) and John (3).
  • at age 11 (1881) he was living at 118 Lower Cheltenham Pl, Bristol, with father George (41), mother Matilda (40), and siblings Ruth (18), William (16), John (13), Annie (5), Ernest (3) and Arthur (3).
  • at age 21 (1891) he was living at Freemantle Rd, Stapleton, Bristol Nth, with father George (51), mother Matilda (50), and siblings John (23), Annie (15), Arthur (13) and Ernest (13).

In early 1892 he married Kate Young COOK who also lived in the United Parishes of St James and St Paul (district of Barton Regis) in Gloucestershire. She died towards the end of 1893 at age 24, in childbirth.

He does not appear on the 1901 census and in 1904 he married Elizabeth May BOTTRELL in New South Wales. So he must have arrived somewhere in Australia between 1894 (age 24) and 1904 (age 34), but I’m still looking for the ship.

His father George was an upholsterer/cabinet maker (according to the census records), which may have led Henry into cabinetmaking as a trade.

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  1. irene's Gravatar irene
    13/04/2011 at 6:25 am | Permalink

    my Mother was Irene Ruth Kirby, daughter of Henry and Matilda, she had no contact with her brother “Val” after his first marriage because of his behaviour. I have been searching for the Kirby tree but haven,t had much luck, Elizabeth was married to Tom Smith and they had 3 sons but he took the boys, they divorced in 1903 and she married Henry and moved to Tas. then to Melb. I would love to find out more of the Kirby side, I was named after my Mother as you can see .
    Regards Irene (Marshall)

  2. irene's Gravatar irene
    17/04/2011 at 4:00 am | Permalink

    Hi David, I am having trouble sending info. can I have your email address please


  3. Gayle George's Gravatar Gayle George
    24/01/2014 at 4:30 pm | Permalink

    I’m Maurice Edward Kirby;s Daughter Gayle my email address is {removed email} and would love any contact. Maurice had 3 kids Wayne, Gayle and Leigh.
    This comment was posted 24/1/2014.

  4. 10/09/2015 at 9:02 pm | Permalink

    Hi I was wondering I’m doing my Kirby family tree at the moment and was wondering if there were any connections of mine still over in England because I’m really excited at looking for my ancestors and I was wondering who is the best person for me to get in contact with through their email so I can get some information delivered through to my email that would be fantastic then I can show my auntie Joyce.

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