Welcome to Greece (3 Mar 2017)

After god-knows how many hours in Economy (Melbourne – Dubai – Athens) I arrived. I’ve not been to Greece before. First impressions:

  • Mercedes’ as taxi’s
  • Lots, I mean lots, of grafitti
  • Gum trees (that’s Oz, California, India and now Greece)
  • Crazy traffic and parking (but not as bad as India, Manila, Jakarta etc.)

The city does have a generally run-down feel to it. It’s all low rise, boringly consistent and all balconies. Certainly doesn’t have the feel that Rome or Paris does.

My digs for the first two nights is the Hilton – which has a real 50’s feel from the outside, although renovated inside.

Later I went for a wander down to the home of the modern Olympics and up to the Parliament building. I was looking for a good Souvalaki – closest I got was a kebab with chips shoved inside.

Got a reasonable photo from the hotel balcony of the Acropolis.