Florida – South Beach and Key West (1-2 Apr)

I recently had a week in Miami teaching a class. I arrived a couple of days early to try to beat the jetlag prior to teaching (it didn’t). Miami does nothing for me, and I hate the traffic (worst drivers in America), but it was a good excuse to revisit South Beach and Key West.

I’d had a weekend in Miami many years ago and was keen to see South Beach (SoBe) at night, with all the art deco buildings lit by variously coloured neon. I must admit I was a bit disappointed. The place is looking a bit rundown and some of the main hotels were being renovated (including the one used in The Bird Cage).

I couldn’t even get a decent Mexican meal after being ignored at a highly recommended restaurant.

The next morning I headed down to the Florida Keys. I’d also done this drive many years ago, but I’d forgotten how far it actually is to Key West. Much of the early part of the drive is inland and single-lane. But after a while you get to the bridges and waterways that the Keys are known for.

It was hot and sticky at Key West. My main aim was to visit the two Crazy Shirts shops on Duval St., which I did. Duval St. is the main shopping street in Key West stretching between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. I love the old timber guest houses. I also found a French Patisserie that had some amazing coffee. It’s a long drive but it’s worth it (pity about the Sunday afternoon traffic coming back).

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